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Call now on +33 1 75 93 81 45


Call now on +33 1 75 93 81 45


Pickfords is accredited ISO9001

ISO 9001
The quality standard for business processes (management systems).

Pickfords BS8564

The British standard for overseas moving quality.

Pickfords BS 8522

The British standard for commercial moving quality.

Pickfords FAIMPlus

The quality standard for international movers.

Pickfords Safecontractor

The major prequalification accreditation for health & safety. Click here to find out more.

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001
The quality standard for health and safety management.

Pickfords ROSPA

RoSPA Order of Distinction
The highest quality standard for health and safety management.
Pickfords Achilles BC

Achilles Building Confidence
The standard for supplier excellence in the construction industry.
Pickfords Achilles UVDB

Achilles UVDB
A standard demonstrating best practice in the construction industry.

Pickfords Constructionline

A leading prequalification accreditation for the construction industry.

Pickfords Investors in People

Investors in People
The leading standard for people management excellence.


Pickfords BAR

British Association of Removers
The BAR is the forefront trade body for the UK removal industry. Click here to find out more.

Pickfords ARP

Association of Relocation Professionals
The ARP is a leading professional body for UK relocation service providers. Click here to find out more.

Pickfords Achilles

Achilles is a major service provider for processional procurement.

Pickfords FEM

FEM is a major professional body for global mobility professionals.

Pickfords ROSPA

RoSPA is the leading charity dedicated to health & safety in the workplace.

Pickfords FIDI

FIDI Global Alliance
FIDI Global Alliance is a global federation of international movers, fostering best practice in the industry.

Pickfords EURA

EuRA is the professional body for European employee relocation.

Pickfords MTC

Movers Trading Club
Pickfords Move Management LTD' is an authorised member and agent of The British Association of Removers DBA the Movers Trading Club (MTC) which is a Foreign (non-USA) based Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) registered with the USA Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), organization number 013636.

Pickfords OMA

Office Moving Alliance
A world leading provider of office relocation services and commercial storage. Pickfords is the sole UK member.

Pickfords IAM

Removals' largest global trade organisation, promoting growth and success across the industry.

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